Sunday, 1 August 2010

August Break

Phew, July was a busy month. It began with the Handmade Writer e-course (which runs for one more week) and has included more marking than I could ever imagine (from my current teaching job) as well as countless hours of writing and plans for what feels like a dozen new projects. I managed to include plenty of long walks and reading books in the sunshine. It has been a lovely, but tiring, month.

I read about the marvelous Susannah Conway's August Break and it sounded like just what I need. I love the idea of taking more photographs and sharing them here during August. There are so many people taking part in this project. It really is fantastic. I haven't had a camera for a while now, since I broke mine, so will have to use the camera on my iphone until I get a new one. 

During my August Break, I will be working industriously on some changes to Bring Yourself. I am planning a new course and a few bits and bobs to shake things up. I have a feeling that August will be a busy month. I will keep you posted.