Friday, 4 June 2010


I am nosy. If I were being nice, I would say that I am curious, observant or that I pay attention. But really I know it is nosiness that makes me listen in to conversations on the bus or in a cafe. That's why I was so delighted when I read about the Bugged project. They understand that eavedropping is part of being a writer and have organised a creative happening to celebrate.

Between the 1st July and 15th August, they want everyone to try eavesdropping and then create a piece of writing inspired by what they overhear. The Bugged team will feature the best writing on their website and publish an anthology. 

I love the idea that during the project there will be people everywhere listening in to conversations. I will definitely be joining in and maybe someone will overhear something I say and write about it.

Have you ever written anything based on something you have overheard?


  1. I'm so pleased to have clicked through from Kelly Rae Roberts and found this post! I wrote a short screenplay based on something I overheard on a bus! Now I post something I've overheard once a week on my blog. I'll definitely be checking out the Bugged project.

    You have a lovely space here, i'm certain i'll be back.

    Julie :)

  2. I love this idea! Wasn't the song 'Mrs Jones' insprired by an overheard conversation?

  3. ABSOLUTELY. I'm a self declared eavesdropping addict. The BEST stories come from those stories overheard or often: seen but not heard...where the dialogue can be filled in...

  4. Julie - Thanks for visiting. You sound like an experienced eavesdropper. How wonderful! I took a look at your blog. Fantastic. I will be back too!

  5. Kat - I hadn't heard that about Mrs Jones. I imagine that lots of creative work is inspired by overheard conversations. I like misheard conversations best of all.

  6. Christina - I agree! I especially like filling in the missing dialogue.

  7. thanks for popping over, I can 't wait for the new course to start too! Sketchbooks to the ready! :)

    What a fab idea this is you talk about above. I find some overheard conversations surreal and hilarious, it makes me want to write a piece too now!


  8. Amelia - I'm really looking forward to the course too! I am gathering my materials.

    Yes, you can get some brilliant ideas for writing from overheard conversations. I have been jotting bits and pieces down in my notebook this week.