Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I Learned...

11. My lucky charm broke.

Technically, it was chewed up by my littlest dog, Alfalfa. She was caught surrounded by all the broken bits.

It used to look like this ...


It was made from 50/60 million year old clay found in London and sculpted into the shape of one of the birds that live in the city. I'm not entirely sure whether it really was lucky or not but I liked to think it was. I tend to collect all sorts of bits and bobs that I think are lucky. This one was particularly beautiful and tactile.  I fiddled with it while I was writing. My novel-in-progress is called London Clay, and there are a few birds in it too, so it was a perfect good luck charm. 

Luckily, there are still plenty in stock at London Clay Birds so I will have to get myself another one. I hope that my next one is lucky and I will try to keep it away from curious dogs.

Do you have any lucky charms?


  1. Hello Amy,

    I just discovered your blog through my Topography. I really enjoyed your texts about writing and craft, all the layering and snipping, weaving and unexpected bits of beauty. I've always made and written too.
    I also am intrigued by your learning project. I just might come along for the ride...


  2. Oh no! That clay bird was so nice... But I don't believe in luck, and I've stopped getting upset about broken keepsakes (or, as other people call them, dishes) - just one less thing to get rid of! However, I have a feeling you won't agree with me...

  3. Susanna - It would be wonderful to have you join the learning project. Thanks for your comments. Glad you like the ideas about writing and craft.

    Michal - I know you are a hoarder too!
    When objects become special to you they stop being just things. I like to collect lucky things around me. Not sure if I completely believe in them but I feel lucky so maybe they work.

    I am okay with things breaking. You probably know that a lot of things get accidentally broken in my house so I can't take them too seriously. Although I have kept the pieces of the clay bird in the little cloth bag it came in. I didn't quite want to throw it away. I am a bit sentimental like that.