Sunday, 4 April 2010

Anatomy of my Study

I love seeing photographs of the places where writers write. Amazing creative things can happen in scruffy attics, corners of kitchen tables and sheds at the bottom of the gardens. Everywhere there are writers sitting alone somewhere working away. There are some fantastic photographs of these places here.

I thought I'd share some photographs of my study with you.  

There is a comfortable chair where I do most of writing. Alfalfa, my littlest dog, usually snuggles up next to me to keep me company but sometimes she wriggles so much that she gets the chair all to herself. I have a pink metal fold-up desk. I bought it years ago to use in the garden but now it makes the perfect desk. There's a little bookshelf overflowing with books that I am currently reading and a cabinet where I keep odds and ends. Outside is the garden. Alfalfa keeps a look out for cats and I watch the flowers grow. It suits us both perfectly.

The walls are bright yellow. I think the landlord painted them years ago and I have grown to love them.

The room is full of books. I also use the bookshelves to keep the little things I love - artwork and things people have made for me. I like having them close by but it gets a bit cluttered sometimes.

This cabinet is called 'Big B'. I can't remember exactly why. I do have a tendency to name things. It's from the 1950s and was once used as a sort of pantry to keep food cold. It even has a cute egg rack inside. It stores all my craft materials and pens and paper too. The front pulls down and you can use it as a table. 

So that's it. My study. I never thought I'd be so lucky to have a room all to myself for writing. I plan to enjoy it for as long as a I can. 
Where do you write? I'd love to see some photographs (add a link to some in the comments if you want to share.)


  1. I love your study, it is simply perfect.

  2. What a great writing/dreaming things up space! I don't have a place that I write in consistently, I write all over the place. I do have a desk, in the kitchen (my apartment is tiny), but it's usually covered in kitchen-y stuff. I may clean it off in honour of starting the writing course : )

  3. What a simple, inspiring place! Mine is a bit messier...cluttered with the kids' toys and whatever paints or journals I happen to have left out.

    It works, though, and that's what matters!

  4. Lisa - There are definitely messy bits in my study too. Luckily I have lots of big cupboards and these is so much junk stashed away. I am a bit of a hoarder at heart.

  5. What a gorgeous study Amy. I love the little trinkets you have amongst the books - I do the same. I noted with interest the giant buttons :) My flat hasn't got a study so I usually use our dining table, which is surrounded by bookshelves.

    And Alfalfa is so cute!!

  6. Thanks! I always end up with odd little collections on my book shelves. All the things I keep in my study mean something to me so there is quite a random selection. Those giant buttons are made of ceramic.
    Alfalfa is a such a good dog to have around when you're working. She's curled up next to me now snoring away.