Monday, 22 March 2010

I learned ...

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 15. I am addicted to my laptop.

I love my laptop. There is no denying that. I love the internet too. But maybe I am addicted?

I am going away to spend a few days in the most beautiful house in the middle of nowhere. It's off grid, heated by a wood burning stove and the water comes from a spring.  All this wonderful eco stuff means no electricity and certainly no internet. I hope it will be relaxing but I worry a bit that I will miss my laptop. Is that really so terrible?


  1. I'm also soooo addicted to my laptop, like craaazy!!

  2. I am too! Back in Feb. it crashed and I had to go a whole week without it. Sometimes it's good to unplug, but there's a whole world packed into this thing and it's hard to resist.

    How was your time away?

    Happy writing!

  3. So how was your off-the-grid getaway? I'm so addicted to the internet, it's not even funny--there's so much to do and read and learn! I'm sure I could use a weekend unplugged from it all. I did that with my cell phone one Sunday, just turned it off and didn't miss it one bit. Not so sure I could do the same with my laptop, though.

  4. I... cannot be separated from my laptop. It's horrible. I sometimes feel like I'm going to talk about spending my twenties addicted to the Internet the way that some people talk about spending their twenties as alcoholics.

  5. I had a lovely time away, thanks. It was deliciously peaceful but I did still miss my laptop a bit. I felt awful about it and tried to keep it a secret but it felt a bit like I was missing a bit of my brain. I kept wanting to google things mainly.