Thursday, 25 February 2010

I Learned...

5. I have too many books.

I never believed that you could have too many books. I thought that was just something people said. But I have recently got into a lovely habit of buying at least a book a week. Before that I worked in a bookshop for years and slowly tried to buy every book I thought I might need in the future using my staff discount. If books got damaged then we could have them for free so I ended up with loads of sad torn paperbacks. I used to write book reviews so all those free proof copies got added to the piles. 

Now, I think I finally have reached the point of having too many books. They are piling up around me. I looked round my study this afternoon and they are everywhere. All the bookshelves are full and there are books stacked on top of other books. There are stacks on my desk and piles on the floor. I need more bookshelves but I have run out of space. 

So, yes I learned this afternoon that I do have too many books but I also know that I can't get rid of any of them.


  1. Hello, I am the same too many books but I love all of them. I can't part with any, they have all bought me joy in one way or another.
    P.S I love your blog Lisa

  2. Thanks Lisa! I have to admit that I haven't even thought about getting rid of any books since I posted that. I think I may have even bought a few more books and written a long list of books I want to buy.